Make a stink.

This 4 person Buttle Royale will leave you breathless!

The Game

Fart Fight is a four player battle racing game where you have to fart to the finish.

From the frenzied imagination of Andriew Pilkiw, one half of the team that brought you the bloody They Bleed Pixels, comes this fun flatulence-filled fight to finish.

Meet the Characters

Maximus Stenchus

Max comes from ancient times. Or he pretends to. Max will say pretty much anything if it means he doesn’t have to wear pants. Ever.

Suntan Dan

Dan likes sun, melanomas, and shopping for the smallest underwear he can find. But all that body oil has a nasty side effect. Dan can’t clench. As a result, he lets out a thin, high-pitched fart at all times. If you haven’t guessed already, Dan isn’t very popular.

Pommie Poote

Something between a fruit and a human being, Pommie brings peace, love, and terrible smells everywhere she goes.

Trixie Buttkicker

Trixie is kicking the patriarchy’s ass, one touchdown at a time. Fortunately, she’s an ace tackler and has no problem putting her head down and ramming through that sporty glass ceiling. She’s hauling butt down the field, which means her sexist critics have only once choice: to breathe her sweet, sweet lady gases.

Key gameplay features

  • Fun, battle-style racing

  • Plenty of farts, stinky effects, and hilarity for all

  • Randomized maze generation

  • Local multiplayer

  • Top score leaderboard

  • Round-based racing system

  • Gameplay trophies and achievements

  • Your Fart Attacks

Fart Attacks

  • Two-Cheek Squeak: It’s cute, high-pitched, and tightly clenched. It’s a small, controlled emission with minimal damage to other players, mall patrons, and keeps your pants somewhat dignified. Low risk… and low reward.

  • Silent But Deadly: The King of Farts, this gastric blast is both the largest and most lethal… for everyone else. The hardest fart to pull off, the classic SBD will buy you time and stun everyone within the largest radius. Minimal humilation. Maximum toxicity.

  • Shart: Danger, Butts Robinson, Danger! Firing off this stinky bad boy is high in pleasure and high in hilarity… but is also the fastest way to fill your shorts. Every shart is both fart and a poo squirt. The problem is that sharts are funny. So sharting away will increase your amusement even if it means you might not make it to the toilet in time.

  • Soundtrack

    Every game needs a rocking soundtrack, and we’re going to enlist the help of Shaun Hatton and Laser Destroyer Team. Shaun and our CEO, Andrij, teamed up for Spooky Squid’s They Bleed Pixels.

    Game Details

    Platform: PC
    Release Date: March, 2018 (pending)
    No. of Players: Up to 4 players
    Category: Battle Racing

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