We’re heeeee-eeere.

by Hannah G.

I should have probably let our intrepid leader, Andrij, write the first blog post, but this is what happens when you employ an unsupervised writer and give her access to the pristine untouched-ness of an empty blog.

I’m not afraid of a blank page any more than I am afraid of throwing my lot into a start-up video game company. [insert Look Of Brave Confidence here]

But we’ve done it. Havelock Games exists.

For the last few months, we’ve been hiding behind the scenes, plotting, arguing, dreaming, and occasionally looking down the dark, cavernous mouth of Possibilities. We’ve narrowed down our options to the following:

  1. Success. We create amazing games, and people are happy.
  2. Apathy. We create great games, and no one cares.
  3. Failure. Everything is terrible. We end up living in cardboard boxes underneath the expressway.

There is an incredible amount of fear, elation, and hope at this time. We know nothing other than we’ve got these really great games in development. We’ve collectively pooled together our array of talents and thrown them into a ridiculous blender.

But damn, we’re excited.

We have so much we want to share with you. These games are only just the beginning.

Stay tuned. Shit’s happening.