Havelock Games is a small collective of developers, artists, and writers who are committed to crafting games that combine storytelling, art, and great game play.

We believe in good stories. Everything starts with a good story, whether it’s an award-winning dramatic film, a hysterically funny TV show, your favourite album, or a piece of artwork that unlocks something inside you. Even if we’re making a game about farts—and we did, because farts are funny—we’re going beyond “move left, right, action button, mash, mash, mash.”

We won’t tell you how to feel or how to enjoy our games. We just want to pull you into the twisted, weird little world of Havelock Games and let you see something new. Maybe scramble your brains a bit.

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Executive Team

Andrew Pilkiw, CEO and Founder

Every successful creative team must be led by a genius madman, and Andrew is ours. Formerly the Lead Developer for Spooky Squid Games, Andrew has built his professional life around computer game development. He programmed and co-designed the popular indie game, They Bleed Pixels. In the past, he’s also worked with Gray Matter Studios and Bitcasters, along with a heap of games he’s made for his own entertainment. More importantly, Andrew has an unholy taste for decaffeinated tea that no one else at Havelock Games understands. At all.

Hannah Guy, Vice President

At Havelock Games, Hannah has finally found a home for her odd sense of humour and penchant for storytelling. With over fifteen years of professional writing under her belt, she was a former entertainment editor for Chart Magazine, a freelance writer and editor, and a contributing video game editor for several Canadian magazines before turning her craft to copywriting, primarily in the book publishing industry. Aside from being the dark creative force behind Havelock Games’s stories, Hannah also manages our marketing, PR, and social media.

Contact Us

We wanna hear from you:  feedback@havelock.com

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All other inquiries, please contact:  info@havelockgames.com